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Spiced Baba Ganoush

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Smokey aubergines are just packed with flavour.  I’ve added some spice to this recipe, as inspired by fellow Iraqi chef, Nawal Nasrallah. Ingredients (serves 6) 3 medium aubergines 1 lemon…

JUMA Kitchen humous


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I thought I would share my family recipe of this favourite Middle Eastern meze. Ingredients (serves 6) 300g chickpeas (dry) 2 tsp bi-carbonate soda 5 heaped tbsp tahini (Good quality)…


Lamb Kebab

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The kebab is an absolute favourite amongst Iraqi’s.  The two vital elements that make this dish so unique and delicious are the percentage of lamb fat, to lamb mince and…

Kleicha ES Landscape


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I thought I would post a sweet recipe for us all to devour.  Traditionally, served in our house over Easter and Christmas, this date cookie is a massive favourite of…


Timman Bagilla

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Growing up, this dish always made an appearance on the buffet table and without fail, not one grain of rice was left spare.  It’s Iraqi name, Timman Bagilla, is rice…

JUMA Kitchen kubba yakhni

Kubba Yakhni

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We are back with the kubba family again, and this time, the lamb dumplings are cooked in lamb stock, with chickpeas and onions.  Some people add lamb shanks to the…

JUMA Kitchen Kubba Haleb

Kubba Haleb

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Crunchy on the outside, with a soft, spiced mixture on the inside, this dish really plays with all of your senses and is a taste sensation that you will never…

JUMA Kitchen Falafel


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Who doesn’t like falafel?  This recipe uses a blend of chickpeas and broad beans that adds more flavour and a real crunch to the falafel. Ingredients (makes 50) 2 cup…

JUMA Kitchen Potato chap

Potato Chap

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As part of the kubba family, this ‘potato pattie’ is the snack of all snacks. Soft, smooth, pillow-like, mash potato which is stuffed with marinated lamb mince and parsley, dusted with…

Fattoush JUMA Kitchen

Fattoush Salad

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Fattoush is my favourite salad of all time. It’s flavoursome, filling, and is packed with raw vegetables and fresh herbs, not to mention those crunchy pitta pieces on top – divine! The…


Chicken in Saffron Sauce

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I thought I would start 2016 with a light, January-inspired dish to give everyone a break from the feasting that took place over Christmas…but then, I changed my mind. It’s…


Kubba Hamuth

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This can’t be an Iraqi, food column without talking about ‘kubba’ or ‘kibbe’ as it is known. Kubba is a national treasure of Iraq. The best way to describe it…


Kubba Mosul

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This is one of the most famous and authentic Iraq dishes out there. Kubba Mosul in simple terms can be described as a meat pie; two layers of bulgur dough…


Lamb Bourek

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Following on from the debut recipe, a fortnight ago, I wanted to give you a dish that is a lot less labour intensive but still involves a ‘hand-making’ aspect –…



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This is one of the most grand, entertaining and delicious dishes cooked in Iraq.   The famous, Quozi, is traditionally a whole lamb (I know!) stuffed with a mixture of nuts,…



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In short, this pudding is a cheesy Middle Eastern danish. If you’re thinking it sounds a bit funky, think again. The combination of melting mozarella, sugary blossom water and pistachios…



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I remember being intrigued by dolma as a young child. My aunties would spend hours in the kitchen preparing these one pot wonders and I wanted to know more. Once…